October 21, 2021


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It’s a well known fact that African women are to be reckoned with when it comes to natural endowment with curves, shapes, thick hips which pronounce their africaness.
We present to you out Top 9 Nollywood actresses with these, starting from:
Daniella okeke, Destiny Etiko, Halima Abubakar, Angela Okorie, Blessing Sunday, Mercy Johnson, Omotola Jolade, Ini Edo and Anita Joseph.

Daniela Okeke: Her buttoks is So obvious that the blind can see it, even from afar.
Little wonder, she and other actresses with such natural features have dominated talks severally in male circles during gossips.

Destiny Etiko: A strong school of thought have been posting that there would hardly be any list of Nollywood top actresses without the mention of controversial Destiny Etiko. The actress with an estimated Instagram followers of 2.5 million fans in Nollywoodwith her “knock them dead stature” had been fetching her the attention of marketers, directors and producers attention.

No wonder, she has been featured in most productions. Those who may have been worried about the magic behind such should no longer worry over that, as the reason have emerged at last.

Halima Abubakar: This modest celebrated actress with great natural shape, well reflected in her buttocks area, is a fine role interpreter.
Although, she may not be a regular face in most productions, but hardly can any male actor looking for actresses with good looks, ignore her in any movie.

Angela Okorie: This Nollywood diva is under the cynosure of those producers, director or marketers who adds her in their shootings because of her tantalizing curve. Good enough too, she acts well, giving her such impressive mileage in this concern.

Blessing Sunday: Her roundish stature may have helped her buttocks to shoot out in no small measure which has since made her centre of attraction to men who controls the industry.
No wonder, she is proud owner of sizable numbers of works.

Mercy Johnson Okojie:
It is on good source that the first thing that would grab your attention whenever you see her, is the protruding buttocks. Luckily for her, she has pretty and acceptable height, good facial looks and can also speak English fluently. With all these, complimentary feature, she magnets automatically the attention of those into the movie concern for business on a regular slab.

Omotola Jolade Ekehinde:
There’s no doubt that she too has all it takes to soar in the make be here circle. Take a look at her titillating height or steps and modest dispositions, which topped and compliments her killer curves, making her a complete lady of substance. They have all combined effectively with buttocks to make her producers, marketers and directors favourite who love to call her for productions.

Ini Edo:
Ever good looking Ini Edo has a visible curve which she is very much aware of when talking to any male, she has business with. Interestingly, her smart loosks and impressive gait, keeps magneting her attention from movie consequentialls who may have favoured timelessly in productions, thereby keeping her in business at all times.

Anita Joseph: This sizable actress, especially in her waist circle and back side is a script writer, producer, director and marketer delite and choice anytim and any day. Aside from Natural endowments, she is a superb role interpreter. Anita babie, as she is massively addressed in Nollywood, has a way of making her presence noticed whenever, she storms any rehearsal venue. Interestingly, this magic is yet to fail her for one day.