October 21, 2021


First with Breaking News


There’s no doubt that those in authority must have beaten their chest with confidence that their social distance bold faced law has sucessfully and sadly too tuned all pitiably to slaves of sort. Good, but then they may have failed woefully to realize that our desperado club girls must survive no matter the governments measure to ensure safety and compliance with the law.

What the girls have quietly resolved to do is to dive bravely into the dark, hanging out at various strategic locations of Lagos, massively addressed as no man’s land which accommodates hard working souls and lazy dronnes of all character.
Luckily for these bloody daughters of Eve already used to reaping from where they didn’t sow are usually lucky with booze men who comes late home, telling madam all sorts of titillating lies and escaping with this jagbajantics.

However, such rubbish ran into the ditch recently when the suggestive lipstick on the right hand of his well starched long sleeves suddenly got the attention of of his midnight raving wife who screamed foul carelessly without minding the attendant consequences. That’s just one of the regular cases rocking various homes quietly.
The very disturbing and saddening thing about all these jagbajantics is that despite all these brohahas, the recalcitrant souls behind the whole wahalas are still hanging out and surviving on the kata-taka causing chop and clean mouth nonsense. When will this rubbish stop? Did I hear one busy body scream until bad government vanishes. Oh yeah!

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