September 22, 2021


First with Breaking News

TOMBO- TALK … doing it under the influence of booze. SOFTLY SOFTLY CATCH MONKEY


“Paul has thy much learning made thee mad?” This biblical reprimidation re-echoed recently somewhere in Ikoyi when a top learned gentleman was obviously stunned over an incredible statement of another less learned gentleman during a hectic intellectual gigsaw involving my Sabi sabi paddyman who was dazed momentarily as a result of this sudden blow which have hit like a tornado bellow the belt.
Nawaooo…The other bloody gossip, massively addressed as Basket Mouth (aka no send anybody anywhere), saw that the only way out of this pitiable round box is to do the smart politicians dance. This was the only magic needed for the expected wonder which diverted the attention of his finish and go attacker who was actually ready to deal another psychological blow on my man already in hot soup.
U see the wahala of engaging a pretty vibrant and no mercy sabinus? That’s it my brother! This titillating encounter may have taught our Basket Mouth say man pass man when it comes to this business of show colour show colour. Abi my people? Who nor know don know now or not? That’s why is good to softly, softly catch monkey, make U self reach there. Oh yes!