September 18, 2021


First with Breaking News


Investigated by: IFECHI OKOH
The lid has finally been lifted as to who earns what in Nollywood. This, we have done through our secret liason with some producers who obliged us on the basis of anonymity why dealing with producers instead of directors or any other personality like the marketers, who are also very powerful players in movie productions?
After our serious thought on this matter, we rightly concluded that since producers, package productions, therefore, they are the best bunch to source such information.
Interestingly, they made such startling revelations which informs stars take home, per production.
However, the settlement are subject to the bargaining power of the concerned actors or actresses. Now, check them out:

The gangling actor who was the former Delta state commissioner for tourism and culture who has since made a name for himself on T.V series. Expectedly, this paved way for him to prize himself.
Hence, he gives strigent conditions to marketers and producers who clamour for his engagements.
We scooped that anybody wants his service to pay him excess of one million naira in addition to the engager, should be ready to lodge him in a befitting hotel according to his definition of standard. The automobile rented to be conveying him to locations and back to base, must be corporate looking.

The naturally funny comedian is reputed to tow a formal contractual line of payments with the marketers and producers who engage him, incidentally respect his terms whereby settling him promptly as at when due. Owoh’s ability to add his own words to any script given confirming that he knows his onions as an experienced actor/comedian which has since placed him on a pedestal of respect over the years. As a matter of rule, he is strict with the terms of payments. Such stance may have been informed by movie sales magnet huge profits. Hence, he collects 1.5 – 2 million naira per production.
However, it depends largely on the project. They were few productions he went for the chunk. For instance, was a case of 10 million naira take home. Incredible? Well, that was Osuofia pricing his worth. To avoid stories that touch, we scoop that he usually collect upfront payments of 75-80% per production. That he does by asking the producers to pay into his account showing and handing over the teller and script to him, So that he can get set for shooting.

There two Ghanian actors stationed in Nigeria are obviously pretty lucky with marketers, directors and producers who have been dealing with them over the years.
Feelers close to them insist that both of them collect not less than #800,000 to #1million separately. One startling thing about this, is that they receive such amount in dollars. The reason put forward for their marketability, rest on the fact that the Ghanian market for Nollywood productions is very stable because of their steady electricity supply. Another visible factor no doubt is the starring of top Ghanian actors like Majid Michael and van Vicker.

The bag of fun whose physique you can’t just ignore has this natural endowment going for him is a favourite of production stake holders like producers, marketers and directors. Their only problem with him, is his stunning choice of location as a result of his kidnapping saga which once rocked him and his family to a stand still.
After that nightmarish experience, Ibu shuns productions in South Eastern and Southern parts of Nigeria. A case of once bitten twice shy of course! However, if he is to shoot in any part of those volatile environment, there must be a police excort. This according to sources, does not affect his usual 1million naira take home because the producers or marketers who engage the security operatives must have settled them earlier. He may have also made himself pretty marketable through his creative and steady contributions to the productions.