October 21, 2021


First with Breaking News


  • Presented by: IFECHI OKOH
    It has been unfolded at last why some top Nigerian acts are solely living off shows comfortably.
    Their take home after shows are no doubt whooping that they can afford to live- off life as stars without bothering to join the hustling fray. Below are the lucky ones:

The duo of Peter okoye and Paul okoye who were the formidable twins that made the name P. Square when the going was okay. They are believed to be collecting cool 15 million naira per show which show promoters were begging them with it on regular basis.
That was when they existed as the duo of the celebrated P. Square band. But now, they have gone separate ways with the name MR. P & RUDEBOY.
P. Square duo have continued to show that they have standard which we strongly believe they will maintain in their separate existence, no matter what.

The highly controversial act is undoubtably a big fish in the industry, despite these devastating controversies, his last release is still enjoying appreciable airplay on radio stations across Nigeria, which is a strong indication of his presence on the beats scene. If not for the pandemic, D.banj would have still been enjoying shows patronage within Nigeria and outside with payment of 6 – 10 million naira per show performance.

This Benue born showbiz celebrity is simply one of the few acts whose voice is an asset in his chosen call.
Since he broke up with the defunct plantation boiz, he had remained in focused both as recording and performing act who can hold his own any where at anytime.
This plan has individually helped him to keep his fan base which has made promoters to patronise and rate him well. It is also shown in his appreciable renumeration after shows.
We reliably scooped that he collects as much as 8million naira per show. Interestingly, he is said to have invested part of the money into real estate concern, around the Lagos metropolis.

The pretty lady who is massively regarded as Queen of the dance floor beats, actually packaged herself for the great challenges of music making abroad, came back to Nigeria, blossoming with Don jazzy’s Mohit label. Her talent zoomed to the front burner when she started backing all the top acts on the label.
Tiwa’s prominence not only made her a celebrity, but it also fetched her shows. Despite her relatives newness on the beats scene, not withstanding she was able to prize herself well before show promoters who incidentally became interested in her.Today, Tiwa Savage collects as much as 5million naira per show.

David Adeleke, massively addressed as Davido on the beats scene is one of the lucky few acts very talented in the concern of music making since 2011 when he stormed out. The 28 year old and gifted composer has never ceased to release highly danceable and commercial songs.
There is no doubt that this act which has actually been rated pretty well before show promoters use to be paid 3.5 million naira per show performance then. However, observers are maintaining that he may not collect less than 6.5million naira now per show performance.

His parents named him Ayo Balogun, but music producers nicknamed him WIZKID because of his unique compositions, songs, arrangements and talent. All these have not only been fetching him attention and popularity, they have also helped his bank account in no formal measure.
Hence, today he is a proud owner of mansion in Atlanta, U.S.A and Nigeria. Those acquisitions have stamped strongly that he has actually earned more with his talent.
WizKid was paid 4.5million naira per show performance then, but now he is paid between 7.5million – 10 million naira.